We are doing our first steps into mx, a world that we are approaching step by step, even if we know it very well. The following shots are from the first events we joined as partners or where we borought our booth.   Fun Day – It was a private party organized from Pellegrini’s brothers where we opened for the first time ever our beloved gazebo. MXGP of Ottobiano – What a better occasion than the Motocross World Championship to start selling our products? Supercross Cup in Brescia – First time for us as partners of an event, the secondLeggi tutto

Instagram is the best social so far to keep en eye on what’s new in mx world and a good way to spend some free time looking for fun contents. Here are some profile we definitely enjoy to follow. Do you have others to suggest? 1 – Ken Roczen https://www.instagram.com/kenroczen94/ One of the fastest guys on two wheels, great picvtures and style always on point for Kenny.   2 – Buttey Films https://www.instagram.com/buttery_films/ Crazy guy living in California, a daily dose of mx 3 – Whip https://www.instagram.com/whipriders/ Lifestyle, the best from the web and cool contents from this creek. 4Leggi tutto

No, the season is not over, not yet. There are few appointments more that deserve to be noted on the calendar. MXoN 6/7 October Red Bud, USA – Red Bud track is incredible and for sure the races of the Motocross of Nation event will be full of adrenaline, will be interesting to see the big match between the US team, the landlords, vs the rest of the world. MXGP Imola 29/30 September, Italy – This is a first time for Imola, famous road trackk to host a motocross event. The bulldozers are already at work and the curiosity aboutLeggi tutto

August is that period of the year when you forget about everything and you only think about holidays and parties. Later, when you will come back home in September and you will only want to ride your bike you will remember of that your mx boots have holes, the goggles are scratched and probably you also have left your pants melting in your sweat inside the bag. To avoid this and in order to restart in September in the best way you’better take a look of the best gear we published this month on Go Big. Shopping while under theLeggi tutto

We have to admit that we have never been impartial when the conversation went on helmets. For us it only exists one brand: BELL Helmets. Let’s be honest, have you ever seen an helmet more sexy than a Moto 9 Flex? We guess no. The shape of the helmet is insane and about graphics, you can’t really complain, the offer is big and to match the right one for you is easy. Ok, you can say Moto 9 is a bit heavier than some other helmets, especially European helmets, but 100gr more or less will not help you go fasterLeggi tutto

““Go Big”, the message is clear. We want to let you stretch your limits offering you a selection of the best goods from the industry. We don’t sell nothing we don’t really appreciate, we only propose to you the same gear choosed by us, professionals and big enthusiasts grown up in the offroad. We want to be part of your improvements, of your success. Every time you will enter the track, together with us, you will do it with big style.” This is what you can read in the About page of Go Big and it sums up perfectly theLeggi tutto

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